What Experts Have to Say About Travel Agents

With so many direct -to-customer booking platforms available online, you may wonder if travel agents could viably operate their businesses online.

Yes, according to experts. Travel agents are not only  sought after by first-time traveller to a new destination but also by seasoned travellers.

Here’s what experts have to say about the increasing importance of travel agents in the virtual space:

‘Why do I still like agents? A competent travel agent can be

your greatest asset when you’re planning a trip.  Good travel agents have an edge over almost any other seller of travel.

They know what you want. They speak your language. And

they are there for you when you run into trouble.‘

Christopher Elliot, ombudsman, National Geographic Traveller magazine

“It’s clear that agents can likely save travellers big money and help set a realistic itinerary. Even where they weren’t cheaper, the agents competed with what we could find on our own. And we were impressed where they did save us money, in particular with hotels.”

Jane Hodges, Wall Street Journal

“Travel is one of the most complicated purchases.

Having a travel agent advise you is now more important than ever as fees, surcharges, and other travel restrictions have become more confusing for consumers.”

Henry Harteveldt, Travel Industry Analyst, Forrester Research

It’s tough competing against other online travel booking platforms but SOTA has always kept the faith travel that agents are still needed and valued in the online world and we’ll be constantly assisting you to grow your travel business online.

March 13, 2018