Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Is it safe to buy from travel agents over SOTA.Travel?

We only feature the offerings of travel agents who are licensed by tourism authorities and allowed to operate legally. We undertake a stringent verification process before agents are accepted into the SOTA Platform.

Q : Is it safe to pay online when I purchase a travel package at the Virtual Travel Fair?

We partner with an established payment gateway like iPay88,well-known locally and globally for its safe and secure payment system.

Q : What is the highlight of SOTA.Travel?

SOTA.Travel provides consumers the choice and convenience of planning their travel from the comfort of their homes and making travel purchases online within a secured platform. It brings travel package offerings from travel agents registered with SOTA to numerous destinations worldwide.

Q : What kinds of travel offers can I expect from SOTA.Travel?

You have a wide choice of Malaysia and International travel packages to choose from with a wide variety of holiday themes.
Whether you want to 'escape' from the city to refresh, rejuvenate and relax or are seeking travel experiences that enrich the mind, you are bound to find a travel package that meets your interest and budget.

Q : Do all the travel packages include airline tickets?

Some of the packages are inclusive of airline tickets while some aren't. Please refer to the specific itineraries of the listed packages for confirmation.

Q : Do I need to register to view travel offers over SOTA.Travel?

SOTA.Travel is open to all consumers and there is no need to pre-register and there’s no participation fee involved.
However, once you have made your selection of travel package(s) and wish to proceed with booking or purchase, you will be prompted to sign up for a SOTA Passport account. The account is required to complete the booking and payment process. Signing up for a SOTA Passport account is FREE and the process is simple. The Free Sign Up section is available on the main page for your convenience.

Q : What is a SOTA Passport?

SOTA Passport is a single access facility that allows you to manage booking enquiries and travel plans within a single account using your registered email address and password. You can conveniently use your SOTA Passport across all SOTA-powered travel websites.

Q : Why should I sign up as a SOTA Passport member?

The SOTA Passport is a personalised account that provides you a consolidated view of all your booking enquiries. Furthermore, as a member, you will be notified of any travel offers and promotions from our network of travel agents.

Q : Am I allowed to use a nickname to register as a member?

It is not recommended as your ID will be your email address. Therefore, please provide us with accurate information so that we can contact you and keep you updated on the status of your booking enquiries.

Q : Can I have multiple email addresses after I register as a member?

Each member account is unique to the email address registered with us. You may maintain more than one account but make sure that you log in with the correct email address - the one you used when you made a particular booking enquiry.

Q : Can I include new information in my SOTA Passport details?

Yes, you can. You can update your information in the Update Profile section.

Q : I am interested in a package but I have more questions about the package, what should I do?

You may contact the agent providing the package by submitting an enquiry. Click on the Send Enquiry button and submit your queries via the online form. The agent will respond directly through your registered email address.

Q : How do I know if my enquiry has reached the agent?

Upon submitting your enquiry, you will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm receipt of your enquiry. Our agent will also be notified of your enquiry via email simultaneously and will proceed to reply you.

Q : What should I do if I have not received any response to my enquiry?

Please contact for assistance.

Q : Who can I contact if I require assistance when performing a transaction online?

You may email - just leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.