How to Write Better Itineraries for Your Travel Packages

This quick guide will offer your tips on writing better itineraries for your travel packages.

One of the first things a holiday maker looks at when exploring a travel package is the itinerary.

A complete itinerary will, more often than not entice a holidaymaker to make a travel purchase.

So, it pays to know as much as possible about your holiday packages to enable you to write  engaging itineraries.

That said, here are some quick tips to help you write inspiring and compelling itineraries which offer the holidaymaker a wholesome impression of the holiday experience you’re offering and the full worth they’re getting for their money.


1) Offer interesting details about the accommodation especially if you don’t have accompanying photographs.

Accommodation choice influences a purchase decision. Highlight the special features of the hotel, for example.

Instead of saying check into hotel upon arrival, you may say, check into XYZ Hotel with a seafront view and 20-minute walking distance to main attractions in the city.


2) Consumers should be able to picture an outdoor outing experience in their minds. If island tour is included in your itinerary don’t just say proceed to island hopping after lunch.

Mention what activities are involved and the duration. For example, Enjoy a 4-hour  boat-ride to three islands with swimming at Island A & B and sunset viewing at Island C etc


3) If a historical site visit is included, also mention the other activities that could be enjoyed. Otherwise, holidaymakers may think it would be a boring visit.  

For example, don’t just mention a visit to Mahsuri Tomb. Explain other exciting related activities as well – A visit to Mahsuri Tomb with  batik painting demo and traditional dance shows.  

We hope these tips will inspire you to improve your itinerary description the next time you upload your packages to SOTA.

February 8, 2018