How to Get Repeat Holiday Bookings From Your Existing Customers

Retaining existing customers is as important as getting new customers for your travel business. Research has shown that someone who has bought a travel package from you spends an average of 20% more than first-time customers.

If a customer has had a pleasant holiday experience via your travel package, you should do all your best to keep your company top of their minds, lest they look elsewhere for their next holiday package.

Here are ways to help retain an existing customer and get her to buy her next holiday from you.

Send a Thank You  Note

Send a thank you note for purchasing the holiday package and ask them if you could assist them with anything else.

Service After Office Hours

If possible try to entertain urgent queries even after office hours. This extra-mile service will keep your company top of the customer’s mind.

Answer Enquiries Promptly

Customers expect their enquiries to be answered promptly especially when they are planning a last-minute holiday.  It pays to answer their enquiries as soon as possible and provide all the necessary details they seek.

Observe these pointers and chances are an existing customers would want o buy their next holiday package from you and even recommend your service to friends and relatives.

March 6, 2018