Get More Clicks For Your Travel Packages in 5 Minutes

The 5-Minute Package Title Fix

Some agents include nothing more than destination, duration of  the holiday and price in a package title.

This isn’t usually sufficient to capture the interest of holidaymakers browsing the Internet for travel deals.

Even if your itinerary promises a great holiday experience it gets looked over because of an incomplete, uninteresting  package title.

Here’s a quick package title fix you can do in 5 minutes to attract more clicks for your travel packages.

Let’s first take a look at a normal package title:

3D/2N Pangkor RM231 Only

This fine if you’re only offering hotel accommodation. But what if you’re offering more?

Include the Main Activity

The title should at least explain what kind of holiday experience  it is. Is it a beach holiday? Or is it a snorkeling holiday. At least the main activity should be included.

If snorkelling is the main activity and the whole family can participate  you could rename the package 3D/2N Pangkor Family Snorkelling Fun

It will be immediately catch the attention of holidaymakers looking for an outdoor family adventure package

If the cost of your package includes, meals, hotel stay and other expenses, you could rename it thus:

3D/2N Pangkor Family Snorkeling Fun – RM231 – All Inclusive

At a single glance, the customer knows the type of package she’s getting for her money and entices her to click to further explore it.

Try these 5-minutes fixes for the next travel package you upload and you’ll boost  response from potential buyers.

February 28, 2018